Ensemble S201

Ensemble S201
Ensemble S201

Megaphones, vibrators, drills, misused electric guitars and a grand piano operating table. The multi-instrumentalists of Ensemble S201 are trained musicians, defining ensemble playing in their very own way. In addition to the "classic" contemporary music, the ensemble focusses on theatrical, free and improvised music. Live electronics, playbacks, as well as self-soldered speakers are also part of the arsenal.

A priority of Ensemble S201 is closely working together with composers of the younger generation. The ensemble has worked with over 20 composers from different disciplines ranging from jazz and improvisation, to electronic music and theatre.

With these concepts, the ensemble was invited to the Beethovenfest Bonn, Opening 18 Trier and Klangzeit Münster. Further engagements followed in Essen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Freiburg and at the inaugural concert of Gordon Kampe in Hamburg. Concert tours led S201 to Wroclaw (Nasz Festiwal, Wroclaw) and in 2017 to Korea for the 7th Na-Ju International Contemporary Music Festival and the 19th Young-Nam International Contemporary Music Festival

Ensemble S201:
Dimitry Stavrianidi, Flutes
Tamon Yashima, Oboe/Keyboard
Heni Hyunjung Kim, Clarinets
Filip Erakovic, Accordion
Robert “Rob” Alan Wheatley, Cello
Emanuel Wittersheim, Sound engineer/Electric Bass/Synthesiser

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